Criminal Thinking Materials

Our material has been developed for practitioners of the ‘Criminal Thinking’ and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approach to change. These materials were developed as cognitive behavioral approaches to the treatment of offenders. Cognitive behavioral therapy has been proven to be one of the most effective strategies for measurable and meaningful outcomes with the offender population.

All primary content is available for free on our website.
However, PDF versions can be purchased for a fee.

Criminal Thinking Module

This criminal thinking errors manual provides definitions, corrections and examples of the most common errors in thinking.

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Criminal Thinking Worksheets

These criminal thinking worksheet assignments help correct the most common errors in thinking.

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Victim Awareness Module

This victim awareness group curriculum offers a unique approach for helping develop awareness of ones victims.

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  • I was amazed at your Criminal Thinking Therapy site, I am a Prison Officer in Scotland and I present Cognitive Skills to groups…

    John Lister
  • Always in search of new ideas. I supervise a large ex offender program in a correctional setting, basing much on cognitive-behavioral and Samenow.…

    Jim LaBundy
  • I will keep an eye on the development of your site. I currently work as a prison psychologist.

    Daniel North
  • I work in juvenile corrections (young women) and was introduced to these theories. This is a very nice site and I hope to…

    Lisa Galyen
  • I work with corrections as a facilitator for a juvenile program which is based on cognitive restructuring, including using "thinking errors" with the…

    Amy Maple


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"An approach to the treatment of offenders which emphasizes the role of altering thinking patterns in bringing about change in an offender's life."