Choke the addiction cycle

Can We Choke the Addiction Cycle by DE-emphasizing it?

In general there are no shortages of triggering events that effect people dealing with addiction and self-sabotaging behavior. However, the holiday season is particularly fraught with them.

As addiction counselors we have our work cut out for us: help steer someone down a narrow and difficult path. However, have you considered that our continual attention to our client’s addiction, success, and at times failures may feed their addiction cycle?

Consider this for a moment. When we talk to our clients, there is a huge focus on the negative impact of addiction, not only to themselves, but also their families. As enticement, we may even discuss the positive aspect of living without addiction. Notice, however, our emphasis continues to be on addiction. This in turn feeds the powerful momentum in the minds of our clients that continues to revolve around addictive thinking, fantasizing, and behavior. And strange as it may seem, it’s not their fault!

That’s the power of the Law of Attraction. Not only does each thought attract another like it, the next thought has a greater level of momentum, or intensity. Therefore a simple conversation about overcoming addiction may actually be a trigger for many people. Ever tried going on a diet and NOT thinking about food? It’s the same principle.

Ernest Holmes, teacher and author of The Science of Mind reminds us that “life is a mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what he thinks into it.” With that in mind, how do we help our clients release their momentum on one subject and develop it on another if we can’t even talk about the subject?
Start by changing their focus. For example, instead of building your process around overcoming addiction (notice the focus is still on addiction), emphasize the joy of living a life filled with freedom, self-fulfillment and excitement. In other words, place the emphasis in the area that you want to build momentum in – joy, well-being, self-care. Why is this important? Nobody relapses when they are only focused on the momentum of their well-being. Just like you cannot put your car in reverse and drive forward! Unfortunately, many people have split energy as they also focus on their addiction and when triggered, can relapse.

It’s important to recognize that this process takes time as they have already built up a powerful momentum in one direction and we are asking them to shift course mind stream. I find Phentermine online that explaining how momentum works as evidence of their powerful thoughts fills my clients with much needed confidence and a feeling of control over their lives. For many this is a new and unfamiliar feeling.

Next month I’ll discuss how momentum from your thoughts and beliefs impact your clients’ recovery.

Naheed Oberfeld is an EFT practitioner, coach, and speaker based out of Germantown Maryland. She uses EFT and the Law of Attraction to help her clients live their full potential by releasing patterns of behavior that keep them stuck. She has helped her clients grow their business, reach their career goals, and mend broken relationships, all while creating a life of ease, joy, and passion.

If life is a journey, Naheed helps you enjoy the ride! She can be reached at Her website is

"An approach to the treatment of offenders which emphasizes the role of altering thinking patterns in bringing about change in an offender's life."