Be the Beacon you were BORN to Be!

As we survey the present COVID-19 landscape, one thing is clear; the most vulnerable are once again being disproportionately affected. So many of us work and serve people who struggle to cope under the best of times, and during this time of social isolation they may spiral downward. In addition to this, the news feeds us a cycle of fear and uncertainty and we are bombarded by the emotional energy of everyone around us.

If you’re having trouble maintaining your own balance let alone helping your clients, I don’t blame you! But I’m here to share an important message for you, regardless of whether you feel confident in your ability to cope, you are ready for this!

You may not realize it, but you have been preparing for times like this for a very long while. How? You have created the inner resilience you need either by using conventional therapeutic principles or relying on faith-based processes (or both).

As practitioners, counselors, and faith-based leaders, we are being called to put into practice all that we have learned. The secret to tapping into this resilience is knowing that you possess it. We create our lives based on our intention and attention. If you feel unsure and think you need to seek more answers, you create experiences in which you feel a lack of clarity. On the other hand if you remind yourself the answers are within and trust that you have them, you will be guided and nudged in the right direction.
Personally, I strive to be an integrated self-actualized person and during trying times I ask myself, how would someone Tramadol for sale who is self-actualized act? The answer is never from fear, self-doubt, or lack of faith. In addition, I’m reminded that the answers are often revealed when I focus only on the next step, and not the entire route.

When you feel that being a beacon of hope feels too hard, remember this quote from Sheila Gillette (, “fear and faith ask the same thing of us; to believe in the unseen.” Which do you choose? I believe that you have the resilience that will guide you to the other side.

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