Criminal Thinking Final Exam

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Criminal Thinking Final Exam


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Part I: Multiple Choice

Directions: Circle the letter which BEST defines the CRIMINAL THINKING ERROR or statement. There is only one correct answer for each question. Each question is worth 2 points. Good Luck!

1) When the criminal blames others for situations he/she has created on his or her own, then that criminal is using:

     a)”I Can’t” Attitude

     b) Uniqueness in Perspective

     c) Victim Stance

     d) Lack of Interest in Responsible Performance

2) There are four basic types of victim rationales used by the criminal. Which rationale would best describe a criminal who believes that his/her gang involvement is the reason for his/her arrest?

     a) Genetic

     b) Sociological

     c) Ex-Con

     d) Psychological

3) Which criminal thinking error best describes a criminal who is manipulative and deceiving?

     a) Views Self as a Good Person

     b) Power Thrust

     c) Closed Channel Thinking

     d) Lack of Interest in Responsible Performance

4) When criminals build themselves up at the expense of others, they are using which criminal thinking error?

     a) Lack of Time Perspective

     b) Ownership Attitude

     c) Views Self as a Good Person

     d) Fear of Fear

5) The correction(s) for the criminal who has a Lack of Effort is (are):

     a) Challenge the counselor

     b) Use the Serenity Prayer

     c) Push oneself to do the difficult

     d) Both b and c

     e) All of the above

6) When a criminal uses sex for power and control, he/she is displaying:

     a) Uniqueness

     b) Power Thrust

     c) Ownership Attitude

     d) Closed Channel Thinking

     e) Lack of Effort

Part II: True or False

Directions: Each statement below should be marked as either true or false. If one part of the statement is false, the answer should be marked as false. Write the appropriate response in the blank adjacent to the statement. Each question is worth 2 points.

1) _______ Examples of power and control oriented behavior in the criminal are; the big shot, the tough guy, the loser and slickness.

2) _______ The “I can’t” statement involves the avoiding of effort or the refusing to perform in some situations.

3) _______ The criminal does not achieve satisfaction through the exercising of responsible power.

4) _______ A correction for a Lack of Time Perspective may include instant gratification.

5) _______ Most criminals were in crime before drug use became a way of life.

6) _______ To correct Zero State Thinking, a criminal must lower excessive expectations and be guided by fear.

7) _______ Lack of Interest in Responsible Performance comes about partially because the criminal perceives responsible living as exciting and satisfying.

8) _______ To live responsibly the criminal must place his/her trust in others when he/she does not have their knowledge and experience.

9) _______ Failure to Endure Adversity is a criminal thinking error, which involves avoiding activities in which the criminal cannot make quick exploitive gains.

10) ______ To change angry thinking, the changing criminal must learn to repress feelings which may cause harm to others.

11) ______ In the definition of Uniqueness, the criminal is unwilling to reveal much about himself/herself.

12) ______ Uniqueness is related to overconfidence and super-optimism.

13) ______ The criminal is often secretive even when there is no apparent need to be.

14) ______ Criminal Pride or false pride corresponds to an extremely and inflexible low evaluation of oneself.

15) ______ The criminals use of drugs initially tends to reduce ones involvement in extreme criminal activity.

16) ______ The definition of Pretentiousness involves the criminals thought of oneself as inferior to those around him.

17) ______ A criminals perfectionistic traits may shift in time from one aspect of the criminals life to another.

Part III: Short Essay

Directions: The following questions do not have to be written in complete sentences. Answer as precisely as possible, partial credit may be given.

1) Describe in your own words what the criminal thinking error Fear of Fear is. (4)





2) What three words describe what a changing criminal must do to keep their channels open?

____________________ (1)

____________________ (1)

____________________ (1)

3) Give two reasons for a “nice guy” mask. (2)



4) Name the three types of criminal masks.

________________________ (1)

________________________ (1)

________________________ (1)

5) Give an example of how a criminal may use Sentimentality. (5)





6) Why can Anger be considered a criminal thinking error? (3)




7) What are two of the three components of Lack of Time Perspective?. (4)



8) Give five reasons why it is important to correct ones criminal thoughts.(5)






9) Name 5 criminal thinking tactics. (5)






10) When a criminal states that he/she “can’t” do something, what are they really mean? (2)

(two words) _____________    ________________

11) Give 2 examples of an Ownership Attitude. (2)



12) Fill in the blanks with ONE word per statement. (6)

     a. Lack of Time Perspective is decisions on __________________________ not facts.

     b. OwnershipAttitude involves sex for power and control not ___________________.

     c.  When a criminal displays Uniqueness, he/she _____________ at the first sign of failure.

     d. To correct Victimstance, the criminal must realize that he/she is a _______________more than a victim.

     e. Criminals have an exaggerated fear of injury or ________________.

     f. The criminal is often described as failing to learn from ______________________.

13) Give one example of how you have used the Thinking Error ‘Suggestibility’ and why you should correct it in the future. Also state how you corrected or should have corrected it. (10)

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Directions: Circle the letter which BEST defines the CRIMINAL THINKING ERROR or statement

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