Criminal Thinking Tactics

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Criminal Thinking Tactics

  • You will continually point out staff inadequacies.
  • Building yourself up by putting others down.
  • Telling others what they want to hear and not what is truth.
  • Lying – by omission, by distorting the truth and by disclosing only what benefits him/her.
  • Vagueness. “Someone”, “I will think about it”, “Maybe”, “If I feel like it.”
  • Diverts attention away from self. Introduces irrelevant material.  Invokes racial issues.
  • Attempting to confuse others.
  • Minimizes the situation. “I just got into a little trouble.”
  • Agree or say “yes” without really meaning it.
  • Silence.
  • Paying attention only to what suits you.
  • Make a big scene about a minor point.
  • Putting off doing something by saying “I forgot.”
  • Putting others on the defensive. The tactics such as degrading,  quibbling over words, trying to embarrass, using anger as a weapon.
  • Total inattention.
  • Accusing others of misunderstanding.
  • Claiming that you have changed because you did it right once.

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"An approach to the treatment of offenders which emphasizes the role of altering thinking patterns in bringing about change in an offender's life."