Drug Abuse Quiz

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Drug Abuse Quiz


Please answer the following questions by circling the correct answer

1. T F  Cocaine reaches the brain the fastest when taken intravenously
2. T F  Traces of one marijuana joint can be found in the body up to 28 days after use
3. T F  Marijuana is not addictive
4. T F  The cigarette is the most commonly used drug among teens
5. T F  Prescription drugs are not addictive
6. T F  A person can overdose on cocaine in any of the following ways, nasal, intravenous, smoking and eating it.
7. T F  A person who works daily cannot become an addict
8. T F  Alcohol is digested the same way as food
9. T F  Marijuana can cause impaired ability to read and concentrate
10. T F  Relapse is often a part of recovery from alcohol and drugs
11. T F  Addiction to alcohol or drugs is an illness much like cancer
12. T F  People who become addicted lack willpower
13. T F  A person can die of alcohol poisoning
14. T F  Recovering persons may safely resume social drinking after a period of three years
15. T F  Addiction to alcohol and other drugs can be hereditary
16. T F  There is no safe amount of alcohol that can be consumed during pregnancy
17. T F  Blackouts and passing out are the same
18. T F  Cocaine causes decreased blood pressure and increased heart rate
19. T F  “Dual Diagnosis” refers to the condition of people who have chemical dependence and drug addiction
20. T F  Heroin is derived from coca leaves
21. Which will sober you up if you want to drive?
a. black coffee
b. cold shower
c. time
d. exercise
e. fear
f. all of the above
22. T F  Anyone who drinks is likely to become an alcoholic
23. T F  Having a high tolerance means being able to drink or use more than in the past
24. T F  Addicts can be helped to stop using
25. T F  Abusing alcohol can create a dependency on alcohol
26. T F  Excessive drinking is the only way to tell if person has an alcohol problem
27. T F  Poly-drug use means getting high on glue
28. T F  Getting high “huffing” household chemicals is safer than getting high on illegal drugs
29. T F  People who sell drugs have similar thinking patterns to those who use drugs
30. T F  Attending support groups is the only way to remain drug free


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