E. Group 2: Ripple Effect Switch

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E. Group 2: Ripple Effect Switch

To begin discovering the “ripple effect” of crime and/or drug use on oneself and others

Chalk/Grease Board, Group Description T-1,
Crime Creed T-2,
Serenity Prayer T-3
Plain paper, The Ripple Effect Practice Chart H-2
1. Read the Group Description or Read the Crime Creed; collect assignments from the previous group.

2. Hand out a plain paper. Ask clients “Write your name on the paper. Then, write down three crimes you have committed on the paper.”

3. After everyone has finished writing, ask them to “pass the papers two people to the left.”

4. With the new piece of paper in their hands, ask them to “pick one of the three crimes listed and write a Ripple Effect Chart on the crime.” Pass out The Ripple Effect Practice Sheet for the clients to write on.

5. When everyone is finished ask them to hand the chart back to the original person so that they can assess the accuracy of the chart. Ask all clients to write a percentage at the top of the chart. 100% means the chart is completely accurate. 0% means nothing on the chart, except for the crime, is accurate.

6. Ask the clients to call out their name and the percentage as you write the information on the board.

7. State that everyone who believed the chart to be less than 75% accurate should rewrite the chart on the same crime themselves. Ask all clients who stated that the chart was more than 75% accurate to write five more ways they victimized others as a result of the crime listed.

8. Close with the Serenity Prayer. Recite together.


1. See step 7

The complete Victim Awareness Module is available in PDF format for a fee.


Please request permission before printing or reproducing the worksheet.

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"An approach to the treatment of offenders which emphasizes the role of altering thinking patterns in bringing about change in an offender's life."