G. Group 4: Victim Script Prep and Present

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G. Group 4: Victim Script Prep and Present

To teach clients how to prepare and present a victim script and participate in a victim script group

Chalk/Grease Board, Group Description T-1,
Serenity Prayer T-3

Victim Script Directions H-4,
Victim Script Poster H-5

1. Read the Group Description. Collect assignments. Instruct clients to take notes during this group.

2. Handout the Victim Script Directions. Write the group goal on the board. Read the Victim Script Directions number one. State that, “ the list of victimized groups and individuals should be written on a regular sheet of paper.”

3. Read number two. Tell clients, “The first victim’s name should be written on a new sheet of paper. Then you can write in detail how they may have been or were affected psychologically, emotionally, physically, and financially. This process will continue until all groups and individuals have been described.”

4. Read number three. State that, “after discussing the victim script with your primary counselor, outside of group, the Victim Script can be transferred to large poster paper. Each person and group should be listed on the paper with a few notes after their names to remind you how you affected them. (Hand out the Victim Script Poster.)
The Victim Script can then be taped to the wall or easel and the information can be presented to the group describing how each person was victimized.” Use the Victim Script Poster as an example of how to prepare the information.
5. The group is instructed to take notes while the person is presenting his/her victim script. They should look for omissions, distortions, minimizing, blaming or denial.

6. When the Victim Script Presentation is completed, the group can ask questions of the presenter related to the Victim Script, i.e. clarifications, other possible victims, what the presenter learned, etc.

7. The facilitator then draws a continuum on the board with denial written on one end and total awareness and acceptance written on the other. The group votes for each point on the continuum as to where they see the presenter. This is done by a show of hands. If more than half the group sees the presenter at points one and two ( denial and more denial than acceptance) the presenter must revise the victim script and make another presentation at a later date. If a majority of the group sees the presenter at points 3 through 5, a follow up assignment can be given. Suggested follow-up assignment questions are listed on the Victim Script Directions.



1                         2                           3                        4                           5

Denial Total Awarenessand Acceptance

In short the victim script presentation process is as follows:
a. Presenter Begins
b. Group Takes Notes On The Presentation
c. Questions Are Asked By The Group And Answered By The Presenter
d. Group Votes On Acceptance Continuum
e. New Assignment Or Revision Of The Presentation Follows
8. Close the group by asking the Victim Script presenter to stand in the middle of the group. The rest of the group would then place a hand on the person as they recite the Serenity Prayer together.

The complete Victim Awareness Module is available in PDF format for a fee.


Please request permission before printing or reproducing the worksheet.

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