J. Group 7: Victim Role Play

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J. Group 7: Victim Role Play

To begin empathizing for victims of our abuse and to build self’-disgust

Chalk/Grease Board, Group Description T-1,
Crime Creed T-2,
Owning Your Program T-4

Victim Role Play Assignment H-9

1. Read the Group Description and Owning Your Program tools.

2. Review assignment from previous group. Have group members explain their positive Ripple Effect Charts.

3. Discuss with the group that you will need three volunteers after you explain the process of today’s lesson. State, ” a volunteer will sit in the middle of the group circle (or in front of the class) and describe a situation where he victimized someone close to him (a friend or family member.) The volunteer will explain the details of the situation including the following things.”

Write on the board:
a. How did you harm them?
b. Who was involved?
c. What was said?
d. How did it end?

Explain that, “the rest of the group will be taking notes on the details of the situation as explained by the volunteer. Then, the other two volunteers will act out the situation that the first person described. One will play the role of the victim and the other will play the client (victimizer).” Ask the group if they have any questions and then begin the process.

In short:
1. Volunteer describes situation
2. Group takes notes
3. Two different volunteers role play situation
4. Group processes situation
5. After the role play is finished ask the group members to describe their thoughts and feelings while playing the different roles. Also ask the first volunteer what he learned from this situation.

6. If time permits return to step #3 and continue the process with new clients.

7. As a closing, recite the Crime Creed together.

Pass out Victim Role Play Assignment. (See handout H-9.) Read through the assignment so that all participants understand what is expected.

The complete Victim Awareness Module is available in PDF format for a fee.


Please request permission before printing or reproducing the worksheet.

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