C. Group Facilitator Guidelines

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C. Group Facilitator Guidelines

1. Before Group Begins (the discussion with the co-facilitator)
  • Discuss general purpose of group.
  • Describe goals and the methods and materials to accomplish them.
  • Discuss group activities (who will present what, when and how)
  • Determine role of co-facilitator;


Observer-takes notes, evaluates, learns-student
Participant-asks questions as a group member, is involved in process-encourager
Facilitator-guides group process equally with other facilitator-guide

-determine the level and type of confrontation which will be used by both facilitators
-determine how tangent subjects or diversions by staff or clients will be directed
-discuss how you will both stay consistent with each other

To be effective facilitators both counselors must have knowledge of the group’s content & purpose and understand the method and means in facilitating the group process.

2. During Group Process.
  • Help group members concentrate and work on personal issues and problems
  • Help members learn how to help each other. Teach and show them by example how to give and receive appropriate feedback.
  • Deal with tactics and resistance together-involve the group in this process.
  • Assist the co-facilitator in guiding group interaction and structure.
  • Take note of any questions or problems you would like to discuss after the group is over

3. After Group Ends

Analyze the group’s process and interaction together.

  • How was resistance handled?
  • How could you have worked more effectively together?
  • Discuss any questions, disagreements or problems that you witnessed.
  • Describe what worked: solutions developed, thinking that changed, client progress, etc.
  • Evaluate group dynamics:


emotional factors
thinking patterns
action factors
personality characteristics

Note group participants, subjects discussed and any other notes in group log.
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