Top Ten Criminal Thinking Errors

Criminal thinking errors are prevalent in our society and these made the top ten list thanks to the ground-breaking work of Stanton Samenow and Yochelson in their three volumes of work titled, “The Criminal Personality”. Although these errors are considered “criminal thinking” they really are present in each of us to varying degrees. Offenders take these errors to the extreme which then develops into patterns of thinking and behavior that continually victimize and harm others.

Key Question: Which of these errors to you see in yourself and how can you change them?

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5 Thoughts On Top Ten Criminal Thinking Errors

  1. I have practiced the Thinking Error methods for over 25 years, in a Residential Treatment Facility for Juvenile Court this is a very successful practice (behavior, drugs and alcohol, anti-gang, learning disability clients, effective growing tool etc.). It’s greatest value however was the impact that it had upon my staff, it increased their self awareness greatly, knowing thy self improves the quality of many expected outcomes. As I had a dual career it can also testify of its effectiveness in the private and public sector.

  2. I truly enjoy this site. There’s so much info to help correct where our parents failed. And as an adult, I agree that it’s my responsibility to do so. I don’t want to pass the bad stuff to my children. Only the good.
    P. S. Would someone please correct the above infograghic. 5 and 6 read exactly the same definition.

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"An approach to the treatment of offenders which emphasizes the role of altering thinking patterns in bringing about change in an offender's life."