• I find that your materials are easier to teach from than the materials that are provided here at work. I conduct a group therapy called "Changing Criminal Thinking" however the materials seem too redundant to teach from and filled more with statistics are not challenging enough for the population I teach. - Heather Ortiz - California Mens Colony, San Luis Obispo, CA.

    Heather Ortiz10/10/2019
  • I was amazed at your Criminal Thinking Therapy site, I am a Prison Officer in Scotland and I present Cognitive Skills to groups of prisoners. Every one of the excuses you listed in the first three sections I have heard, most in the last 2 days!! Any further info that you have would be gratefully received. Can you let me know when you have finished the site as the first 3 sections blew me away!!! All the best John Lister.

    John Lister
  • Always in search of new ideas. I supervise a large ex offender program in a correctional setting, basing much on cognitive-behavioral and Samenow. Good work. Jim LaBundy, Farmington Correctional Center, in Farmington, MO

    Jim LaBundy
  • I will keep an eye on the development of your site. I currently work as a prison psychologist.

    Daniel North
  • I work in juvenile corrections (young women) and was introduced to these theories. This is a very nice site and I hope to see more.

    Lisa Galyen
  • I work with corrections as a facilitator for a juvenile program which is based on cognitive restructuring, including using "thinking errors" with the kids to help them see how their thinking becomes "distorted" and can lead them to engage in risky behaviors. Thanks for your additional information!

    Amy Maple
  • Hope you keep adding to your page. I just started working as an offender rehabilitation counselor. Our curriculum is based entirely on Yochelson and Samenow.

    Tina Arnoldi
  • I used to work with Brian at LSS in Wisconsin! And to think now he has his own website! We've been using these materials for several years, it's great to have a web site to refer to for links, etc. Good work!

    Laurie Lessard
  • Thank you for all of the information posted on your site. It is not only very useful, but your site is well organized and easy to navigate. I work in a residential treatment center for adolescents, all of whom have been diagnosed with mental illnesses. Many people think this material can only be used with offenders, but it is very beneficial to this population as well. Thanks again!

    Jody McAnany
  • I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the open rights on the CT tools. I'm a beginning DTP counselor in MO and as of now they don't have a standard curriculum for the criminal thinking class I'm teaching in a prison. your sight has helped me out immensely and I feel that you guys have contributed to possibly changing many men's lives. Keep up the good work.

    Josh Johnemeyer, OCC-DTP

"An approach to the treatment of offenders which emphasizes the role of altering thinking patterns in bringing about change in an offender's life."